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The podcast for women about all the things that matter.


Illustration of a woman working on a laptop.

Episode 1: How Screens Affect Hormones

In this episode, Sarah and Olivia talk with female hormone specialist Diana Roth about the impact that gadgets and technology have on hormone and fertility health.

Illustration of a woman climbing steps.

Episode 2: Female Leaders, Where Are They?

After years of revolution, the big question remains: why aren’t there more women in leadership? Sarah and Olivia get deep into the subject.

Illustration of an introspective woman.

Episode 3: A Cycle of Emotions

“Do we need periods if they make us crazy?”, Sarah asks. We reached out to our friend Diana Roth, an endocrinologist specialized in women’s hormonal health to know how menstrual cycles impact women’s brains and emotions. Hint: yes, we do.

The Hosts

Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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